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Add demonize option for kit-easy-tap

Add option for demonize kit-easy-tap without other tools. It will allow to easy start and move to background this tool with started application.

Implement XML<->JSON<->YAMS stream converter

Implement 3 pair of tools for stream convert between:

Tools could based on kit-data-proc project and work with stream instead of load full documents.

implement UNG in kit-crypto-c

Implement simple Unpredictable Numbers Generator in kit-crypto-c library. UNG will be initialize by "some" seed. Seed will be hashed by SHA2 (e.g. 32bit SHA-256 on 32bit CPU target, and 64bit SHA-512 on 64bit CPU target). Generating next bytes will be in loop by coping 4/8 bytes at one iteration from part of current hash, but next well be calculated from full hash. Others parameters could be analyzed.


Check possible performance of DFT implementation with ARM SIMD instruction set.

Current PoC was write in C and manually optimize in assembler for x86-64 SIMD (SSE2 only). For doubles speedup is around 2x.

Need to check similar compare on ARM CPUs.

Add optional download couters for kit-static-scgi

Add support for download counters for kit-static-scgi. Counters could be used for statistic of compression method popularity.

bigints and RSA support in kit-crypto-c

Add implementation for bigints and RSA cipher info kit-crypto-c library.

Add multi pipe SSE/AVX processing for kit-crypto-c

Add support for multi pipe ciphers processing in kit-crypto-c. Modern X86/X86_64 CPUs with SSE/AVX instruction can process more then 1 cipher at the time with the same instructions - without more thread.

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