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Tool for easy TAP device usage

This tool allow to use TAP device as regular user without modify others part of system. It could be use for start qemu VM as normal user with connect it to bridge through TAP device without root permission.

Current version: 1.0.0-rc1

Krypto-IT SCGI static files service

Simple SCGI service for share static files with compression. Current version allows:

Current version is: 1.0.0-rc4

kit-data-proc (PoC)

Simple data processor lib in C based on machine state

Simple implementation universal data processor library in C. Based on machine state design, allow for create e. g. XML parser for stream reading.

Some Proof of Contepts

Set of PoC as potential inspiration.


Simple C cryptographic library

Simple cryptographic library. Most important features:

L2 VPN example

L2 VPN compatible with Ethernet frame. Most important features:

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