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The Project

The Krypto-IT OpenSource project was started for create software for IT industry. All current projects was written for support or improve normal, daily tasks in regular work as programmer, or system operator. All soruces was published and can be extended, even after ask for it.

Ways for requests

If you want to ask for add some feature or fix or any kind of improvement in one of Krypto-IT OpenSoruces project - just ask for it. E.g. vie email: Not all requests will be done. This project works in open source model, so if you send idea and it will be accepted - information about it will be posted on Ideas subpage. During create request, please add information if you want to be listed as author, or in post will be added information about external idea source.

Commercial support

Because of Open Source business model, there is option for support project or simply pay for add some special improvements faster. Krypto-IT is small company registred in Poland and is open for cooperate with any other EUs company. Prefered way is invoice after done work. More information you can get directly after contact. Krypto-IT Webside. English version also available.

Fill free for contact.

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